Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colour Pen Roll

Nice and Compact

I've bought these colourful pens that have stamp tip on the other ends from Ikea Kids Section for $1.90.

I made one in less than 30minutes. It's true. I would say it's an easy project even for a new sewer. Just need to sew straight lines. 

I've jotted down a simple tutorial below. The size of fabric is depended on the size of your pen. Just make sure you can fit in all the pens.

1 outer fabric measure 10.5" X 8.5" [For the back]
1 outer fabric measure 10.5" X 5.5" [For the holder flap]
1 inner fabric measure 10.5"  X 13.5"
Ribbon tie/velcro

Note: I've used a print fabric that has directional print, so I need to cut out 2 pieces of outer fabric. If you are using plain or non-directional fabric, just cut one piece same size as the inner fabric.

1) Sew the 2 outer fabric, Right Side Facing (RSF), along the 10.5" side. Make sure that the print direction for both pieces are directly opposite. ie when you flip the holder flap up, the print should looks upright. [You can skip this step if you are using one continuous piece]

2) Press seam open. Place the Inner fabric and Outer fabric RSF and sew the whole circumference of the pieces, leaving about 2" opening to turn it out.

3) Clip corners. You can serge the seams if you like. Turn the fabric Right Side Out through the opening and iron. Topstitch close to the edge, around the whole piece again.

4) Flip the holder flap over and pin in place.

5) My roll will need to fit 6 pens so I've made 6 slots.  Measure 0.8" from left and right of the side seam. Mark with Pins. There after, place a pin about 1.5" or so.  The size of the pen will determine how wide your columns will be. So measure them before you start.
6) Sew a straight line marked by the pins from the start of the flap to the bottom of the flap. Do the same for the rest of the 7 lines. You can insert the tab and ribbon tie. The 2 ribbon should be place together.

back view. love the print

There! All done.  It's so easy that I made 5 more. Yes, all 5 of them : )

I made all 6 of them!

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Pam said...

The pink fabric is perfect for the pen roll... looks great!