Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy or Fulfilled?

This is the question I find myself asking nowadays. Am I busy or fulfilled?

Both have the meaning of being occupied with things but the vibe and outcome are really different. I have to remind myself everyday to live a fulfiled life and not a 'busy' life. Being busy sometimes makes me forget what I'm doing the work for. Caught up with the buzz of live needs and work commitment, we lost focus and become mindlessly busy. Sad to say, I'm like that. Giving the excuse of being busy...too busy to exercise, too busy to do this and do that.

During the drive to work this morning, I was chatting with my husband on this. We agreed that we must make the most of our lives. It's easy to get depression if we are so busy with our work and don't find meaning in life beyond work. That's why I love sewing. Though I'm so 'occupied' at work, I still determine to do some sewing every other night to keep me happy. Lack of sleep, unpicking threads and having needle pricked fingers didn't deter me from pursuing my passion. I want to live a fulfilled life.

To be fulfiled with meaningful things in life instead. Find meanings to the things that I do so that I'm not mindlessly doing the chores. Rather, I'm doing it to make the future for my little ones and my family. We must not be too busy for our family. Life is too short to bear grudges, too short to be busy over things that has no impact on our eternal life. I hope I can impart this to my children so that they will find meaning in life and live a fulfilled life.

Hopefully I don't be so caught up in my sewing that I neglect my kids. That will be bad. Forget the Giver who gave me the Gift. My children are gifts from God and I must treasure them and be there for them. 

Well, life is still a struggle with the needs of family, work and hobbies But, I'm glad I'm alive and can choose to live a fulfilled live : )

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