Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knot shorts

I jumped on the band wagon and made a Knot Short for my girl. Didn't have the guts to make one myself but it's so lovely and I had to do one. Don't you think?

The next day, we went over to the old Railway track near Bukit Timah for a family photography outing. It was a hot and crowded afternoon. Soooo many people was there. The railway was closed recently and had used to ply between Singapore and Malaysia. It holds lots of memories for many and so many people were there with their cameras and even a wedding couple were there to take photos!

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Hanny said...

hi Eunice,

just dropping by to see how you are and woowww, you've made sooo many new and great things...

And your two girls have grown bigger and cuter since I last saw (virtually) them :)

Hope that you're doing fine and hopefully can see you if I ever go to SG...