Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy birthday Sis!

It was my younger sisters birthday yesterday. Yes, they are twins. Isn't it amazing : ) But they have different likes and taste. So I've made them different gifts.

For Serene, I made a elastic band floral skirt from a vintage cotton print that I got from Spotlight. Added lining too.

Can't help but had to insert my label at the back elastic band. But the sewing seems to be coming out!!

For Iris, I made a reversible bag in her favourite colour Red. The pattern is from a bag making book from Taiwan. I enjoyed sewing the bag as the book has the pattern pieces in actual size. No need to resize. Yah! But realised too late that I should added in the snap to close the bag. Since it's reversible, not easy to have the zip. Oh well, next time then. It's so cute that I'm going to make one for myself.

Red with lace ribbon on one side. I've used the Mini Dot Red Half yard from the Doohicky Designs Hoo's In the Forest series that I got from Fabricworm. The print was lovely and soft to work with.  I think I've used slight more than quarter yard for this.  I've iron some interfacing on them before I start.

Blue with red pocket on the reverse side. No sure what's the fabric but it's like canvas. Got it from Spotlight some time ago. It's stiffer so the bag has some body. Love the shape.

Besides the two gifts, I made dolls for one of the church mate's young daughters. Yes, yet another dolls. They are from Korea and didn't have lot of friends here in Singapore. Thank God that we become friends and our children enjoyed each other company. It's a pity that I'm so busy at work and could'nt really find time on weekdays to meet up with them.

Here's the latest 2 dolls. Same as the few that I've made earlier but I've added the ribbon bow and fabric rose on the hair. So sweet.

Rosy fabric flower hairclip and lace neckline

Pink polka dot bow for the polka dot girl.

Of course, not forgetting my fabric label : )

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