Friday, February 10, 2012

3/4 pants - A knit version

Here's the knit version.  

This one looks more like a bermuda. The knit is jersey knit with small pink star print that I got also from Spotlight. Like I've shared in my last post, I use ballpoint needle to sew the knit.  At the side seams and hem, I use twin needles so that i have 2 rows of stitches without the need to sew twice! Real neat.

For this pants, I increase the seam allowance at waistband to 4" so that I can fold over 2" to make the waistband.  Just sew normally and fold over 2", press with iron and then insert the elastic band loop under the fold. Adjust and pin in place so that the loop are evenly distributed in the fold.  Pull the elastic and sew close to the waistband all around.  [Sorry, don't have any photo on this as I was in hurry to finish]

For the other one for my second girl, I've slimmed down the template so that it will become more of a tights than a loose fitting pants.  Same as the sister's, I've increase the seam allowance above the waistband for the elastic band. 

She loves her pants and I'm so so happy! Nothing beats having your kids wearing the clothes that you sew, a testimony that it's wearable and the fit is right : P

Next up in my post will be some Tops..

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