Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Sewing Tools

Pattern Storage Book

In the recent years of my sewing endeavors, I've accumulated a lot of pattern pieces. Some for my kids, some for me. I didn't want to throw them away as I thought I could use them again since I liked the outcome.

So, I bought one of these large portfolio files with plastic slot-ins for keeping all my paper pattern pieces.

As this is quite big, I can put in most of my pattern pieces for one project in one slot! It close flat and quite nicely put away when not in use.

Thread holder

Do you use twin needle for your sewing? I did for some of my knit sewing projects here and here. As my Singer sewing machine is a basic one with the thread holder that is horizontally positioned, it is hard to insert another thread for my twin needle.

What I did was to use a bobbin thread and put it together with my normal thread in the same thread holder but sometimes the thread jammed up and entangled up. Messy messy.  So when I saw Spotlight had the portable thread holder, I quickly grabbed it. This is how it looks like.  

Just put in the thread and thread it through the metal holder and then through the normal threading in your machine. I've place the thread holder in foreground for illustration purpose only.  In actual usage, I'll place it to the right of my machine.


I saw this at one of the shop at Textile centre and bought it to try. I'm tried of trying to turn narrow tube inside out using chopsticks or safety pins that sometimes don't really work and I'll have sore and twisted fingers after trying for the longest time. 

What's a hemostats? It is a locking clamp that is shaped like a long pair of scissors but had grip lines on the scissors end to help grip the fabric.

see grip lines?
The hemostats is able to grip the fabric tightly and pull it inside out. The locking mechanism at the handle helps to hold it together.

So, there. I've shared 3 of my favorite sewing tools. What about you?

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