Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Knit Waistband Pants

Okay, once I got into the mood, it's hard for me to stop since I already got the paper template cut out for my girls, I could use them to make some more right?

So, I cut out some cute mushroom print cotton fabric that I got from Chinatown.  That's when I decided to do something different for the waistband.  Usually I did the normal ones with the inserted elastic band after I've sewn up the waistband but then I wanted a smooth waistband that will not bunch up when worn. Something that I seen on store bought running pants.  

This is the first time I mix knit with cotton. So, it was a bit scary at first.  When you are using knit, be sure to use Ballpoint or Jersey needle suitable for sewing knits.  Sometimes I use twin needles like the last time I sew up the top for the KCWC.  

I used Lier's tutorial on how to sew the smooth knit waistband to guide me.  Her instruction is really clear and informative. I use ribbed knit for the waistband as I've got some on hand from Spotlight.  Only got this muted blue so don't mind if the color don't match with the brown mushroom print pants! Just follow Lier's tutorial and cut out the length required and sew on the waistband.

From this...
... to This!

A closer look at the knit smooth....

It was really easy and I went ahead to make one more for my older girl. So addictive you know.  This one is floral print corduroy that I got from spotlight. So pretty!

To help the girls or the father, I sew the label at the front bottom of the pants leg so that they know which is the front and back! I mean the back has more room/ease around the bump but my girl couldn't seem to see the difference until she got the pants on!

I actually also sewn up 2 more knit pants using the same template but I'll share more in my next post!

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