Monday, February 13, 2012

Raglan Tee

Yes, I finally got into the bandwagon of sewing Raglan Tee.    

Now that I've sewn it, I wonder why I didn't do so earlier. It was so amazing and the possibilities you can have with the colors and prints! 

Jessica from Craftiness Is Not Optional had a wonderful tutorial on Raglan Tee.  It was really smooth and easy.  I didn't have the ribbed knit in the colors that I want so I use the regular jersey knit for the neckline and it worked fine.  

For the neckline, just cut the knit in long strip of 1.75" width. Then, fold into half lengthwise and press with iron.  Zig zag or serge the long raw edges together.  I think this help to prevent the knit strip from shifting when you sew them to the neckline.  

I just use one of their existing T-shirt to trace the template but somehow it was a little big on my little girl...

I love this animal print knit that I got from Spotlight. So sunny and bright!

Since it was quite easy to sew one up, I did another 2 more using another knit with Pear print in Red and White.  I make the sleeve a little longer to be 3/4 for this one.

Not forgetting one for the big sister too!


Joey said...

This is great. Where can I find the fabric for the neckline?

Eunice said...

I got all these knit from Spotlight. Chinatown shops also carry some plain jersey and ribbed knits.

Joey said...

Thanks. I will try. ;)