Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Pockets Dress

This is what I call my new dress. Not exactly very creative but I don't have any fancy name to call since the  Japanese sewing book that I've used to make this dress didn't give it a name.  

Remember this book that I've used to sew up the Bow Tie Dress?

It's still one of my favorite and I sew up yet another one from this book.  The original design has 2 large grosgrain ribbon bows on the shoulders but I thought it will be too sweet for me so I did away with it last minute.

The book version
My version
What I love about this dress? The ruched shoulder, big pockets and slits at the hem. 

On the shoulders, 2 narrow elastic bands sewn on the shoulder seams allowance gave the ruched look. 

The dress is loose fitting as most Japanese dress patterns are. So usually, I'll go one size smaller. Then try the cut out template and place on yourself to get the sensing of the fit before you cut the fabric. I also shorten the length by 4".  Even when I downsize them, there is still alot of ease for my liking so I trim down 1" on both sides after I cut the fabric.

If you happen to have this book and will like to try making this one, do note that the dress has no zip and you are supposed to put them on through your head so don't make it too fitting or else you can't even put them on! If you like, you can insert zipper but make sure you put in the extra seam allowance in the back.  I love this dress and will maybe try this with zipper the next time I make it.

Let's look at the dress in details shall we?

Ruched shoulders

Big pockets with lace details

In the original pattern, the pocket is left simple but I added some white lace that I got from Daiso for $2. So pretty but not overly sweet.

The slits are the 2 sides of the hem so that you can walk in them.

Another view of the dress

The dress - with ME in it.  
Sorry, didn't know where to put my hands...I know, so stiff right?

What! I looked pregnant!!? Shocked...dismayed....okay..I"m middle aged women with 2 kids so what's wrong with a little tummy :P  Maybe a side view look helped to demystify the 'preggy' look? Oh arm is so fat...

Anyway, I still love this dress. Probably a belt will help : )

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