Wednesday, October 12, 2011

KCWC Day 3

A knit top

cute button!

sleeves details

Doesn't this looks cute. It's made from soft knit that I got from Spotlight. Love the colourful hearts. It's short sleeves so will be a nice addition to my girl's wardrobe since Singapore is hot all year round.

I've used the twin needle for stretch fabric on this knit. Love the double stitch on the sleeves, hem and front opening. You should really get one if you sew on knit. It's really neat and looks professional.

My sister bought this for me from Japan! It's really sweet of her.  The book comes with pattern pieces for size 100 to 120.  I saw a few other nice dresses and pants which I'll try them soon, hopefully.

See that blue knit top at no. 7?

Phew! This is day 3, I'm still exciting about the sewing and really, KCWC makes me work more efficiently as I need to plan and execute them quickly. So happy with my sewing for the past 3 days., shall I sew another blouse or move on to dress?

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