Sunday, October 16, 2011

KCWC Day 7

The final day of the KCWC. It was indeed very fulfilling, but tiring as well. I was glad I had plan well and made my preparation work last week else I'll not be able to complete all my projects.

The last KCWC, I've made a shorts for my girl. It has pocket with flaps and buttons and elastic waistband.

front view

back view

close up on the pocket flap
I especially like the pockets with the flap and shiny buttons.  It was made using the leftover suiting fabric from my top.  So I didn't have enough fabric and I skipped the additional hem details and used another cotton fabric at the inner waistband to make up for it. Anyway, it still looks good. : )

I followed the pattern from this Japanese book (as you can see, it is my favorite for kids clothes).

This pattern specifically...

I'll try to take photos of my kids wearing the 7 clothes in my next post, hopefully they will cooperate.  Really enjoyed the KCWC and glad that I join in the fun and challenge. I'm a better planned sewer now, I think : )

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