Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC Day 1

A Kid Vest

Front view
 I love how the pattern match up on both sides! I cut them with the fabric print face up so I can match them when I cut. I used the same Japanese fabric that I used for my toddler's vest. How do you like my adaptation?

Back view
For the back, I've chose to have the print in the middle and teh yellow checked print top and bottom. It's part of the design of this Japanese fabric and I thought it's really cute.

I made this after I saw the cute vest from this Japanese Sewing Magazine. See the green vest on the girl above?  The book also have cut out for both kids and adult size.

It was easy enough with only 2 pattern pieces for the front and back. My girl was size 120 and I followed the pattern pieces given and cut them out. For Japanese pattern, note that the seam allowance is not included and it is usually 1cm.

I sewn them up real quick, like less than 2 hours, with pressing and sewing and serging.  It was suppose to have 8 buttons on both side but I didn't have any suitable buttons so I'll leave it just it is and see how it goes. 

Will take photos of my girl wearing it at the end of the week round up.

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