Saturday, October 15, 2011

KCWC Day 6

A sunshine dress

I've traced out one of her dress and make this one up myself. The neckline and armholes are binded with bias tapes.

The waistband is made of bias tape too. I made the small sweet ribbon and sew it on by hand.

This is the back view of the dress.  I sew a 4mm elastic band at the back waist area so that it will give the dress some form.  First time trying so my skills are so-so but I'm happy with this addition. Makes the dress interesting.

Did you notice the shoulder area. I've also sewn elastic band along the inside of the shoulder seam and make it narrower and much better fit.

I love the sweet pink butterfly button closure. It was a request by my girl. It really suit the dress like a butterfly in a garden of bright flowers, don't you think? And the best of all, the dress is fully lined! Cause the cotton fabric is quite light weight and I feel a lining will makes it more cooling and comfortable to wear.

I'm afraid I don't have a tutorial here since it evolves as I sew. It was suppose to be a simple dress but the bias tapes and elastic details make it more interesting, I think. I will definitely going to sew another one for my younger girl and even myself.  Maybe then I'll do a tutorial if anyone is interested to learn.

Gosh, tomorrow will be the last day of KCWC. I'm really beat but very much pleased of all my sewings. Not that they are perfectly made but I'm glad I've meet my objective to sew one garment a day for my girls.  How's your KCWC? I believe, challenging but rewarding right?

Next week, I think I will do some early Christmas sewing and probably some skirts/dress for me and some bags. See ya!

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