Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preparation Work

The Kids Clothes Week Challenge (KCWC) is coming next week. Gosh! Are you guys on it already?

I'm busy planning what to sew and picking the appropriate fabric for my projects.

Here are they...all piled up and ready to be cut and sew away.

Will try to cut them this week so that I can speed up the sewing process. It's scary to think of sewing 1 item per day but I'll try : )

On the plan, so far, are:
1) a vest
2) a cardigan
3) a coat
4) a dress
5) a skirt
6) a blouse
7) a pants

Phew! I hope I really can make it.

It's scary to think about this but I've got lots of inspiration from Pinterest and some of my Japanese sewing book. This time, I'll be using 4 japanese patterns and 1 from pinterest.

Will share more next week. Can't wait for Monday to arrive...butterflies in my stomach : P

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