Friday, September 30, 2011

Naruto soft toy

Seen this guy around?

My girl loves to watch the animation. So, the next time she asked me was to make her a Naruto soft toy and costume. Compared to the orange jumpsuit, I guess the soft toy is a easier option.

She first drew out the Naruto (front and back) for me on a piece of paper.

I traced them out carefully using a fabric pen to a piece of muslin coth, front and back.

Then, I asked her to coloured them using fabric pens. After which, I pin them right side facing together and cut them out. Sew around them and leave a 2"gap for turning.

This is how it looks now, after stuffing and stitching back the gap. To make it stand better, I've snipped off the 2 corners at the bottom (just like how you are making a bag base).
front view

back view
She was so happy with this. It's so simple and totally handmade : )
Try this with your kids at home and you can just draw any cartoon characters and it's a fun activity to spend the afternoon.

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