Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple sewing for baby

My baby really needed more bibs.  Her drools are all over the place.


Sewing will take some time.... Not to mention cutting the pieces and adding bias tapes...

If I change the colour of the bias tapes, it will mean changing of coloured thread...

Do I have the time? many more sewing projects still on wait list??? countless...

Ok, I admit...I was lazy, so I thought of a quicky way to customised and spice up the regular bib.

Ikea-bought bib at $1.90


Fun and unique bib - priceless!

Just apply heat and bond to the back of the cut pieces and iron onto the bib. Sew around the edge for added security. You can spice up any bib with the scraps that is too wastefull to throw away. Good idea huh!

The toddler is appreciative too!

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