Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pattern Review - A one-piece dress

I made this! [please ignore the crease as I was in a hurry to show u guys : P ]

Following the pattern from one of my favourite japanese pattern book that I blog about the other day.

The back view with the cute ribbon tie

Just like the pattern book!

It pattern is easy enough. I decided to add the dart last minute as it really looks like maternity wear on me : (

The model is really thin so maybe that's why it looks good on her. But I still like my dress. The top is cotton and the skirt is a suiting fabric.  Hmmm..I need to tie up my hair to show the ribbon tie when I wear this one!

Will be making another one from the book another time. The book is full of sweet designs and I love most of the look. You can get them through Amazon or at Kinokuniya @ Orchard Road.

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Anonymous said...

your dress is beautiful. thanks for sharing!