Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Angry Bird toy Carry-all

Did you see these Angry Bird toys from the background of my Angry Bird lantern project?

Found this from one of the shop at Hougang Central. It's a pack of plastic angry bird toys.  They so adorable that I had to get one for my girls. At least, the toddler can play with this one, while the older one plays it on her dad's iphone.

The set has 4 angry birds, 3 pigs, some building blocks to build the pigs' castle and a catapult.

As the toys are made of hard plastic and some of the paint came off from all the throwing and smashing on hard floor. So I thought that it will be good to find them a nice and cosy home to carry around when not in use. The fabric cover can also double up as the field for throwing the angry birds. It definitely prevent some serious injury to those poor birds!

This is what I've made. 
inside of the carry all with fleece pockets

Nothing fancy or too precise. I just used some fleece that I had and made pockets with flap to keep all the angry birds and the pigs in their separate 'home'. I was thinking that if I make a big bag to put them together, the constant knocking and brushing of the toys in the same bag will knock off some paint.

See, they are happily hiding in their home : )

To provide some padding, the inner layer is made from a sandwich of fleece and canvas that was left over from my other projects. The front cover is Tree pink, from the Doohicky Designs Hoo's In the Forest series. I just made the outer layer slightly bigger than the inner layer, and fold over the edge of the outer layer twice and sew the edges to the inner layer like a little quilt.

I also made a small pouch to keep the building blocks for the Pigs' castle and the catapult. The fabric is from Ikea. The house print is just the nice size for all the blocks. I sewed a velcro strip at the opening.

doesn't the catapult looks exactly like the iphone game's version?
 Now she can carry them around the house and keep them properly when not playing.

all rolled up and ready to go!

I haven't decided how I want to tie the bag together. Maybe a ribbon or velcro?

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