Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy 1 year anniversary!

I just checked my past blog history and realised that it's one year since I started blogging on my sewing projects.

How times flies. I remembered when I first started, I was comtemplating if I'm up to steam in sewing and posting every week. But I guess the weekly posting helped to push me to keep up with my sewing. If not, I'll have piles of ideas in my head and all still collecting dust up there and none that come into fruitition.

Want to guess what are my more popular posts?

1) Neck pillow  2) Doodle chalkboard  3) Toddler vest with harness

The past 1 year had been an exiting time for me. Juggling work, sewing and the kids. But I'm glad I took the challenge to have this little blog here. My horizon had widen greatly as I found so many creative and talented bloggers' wonderful blogs for inspiration and encouragement.  I'm aspiring to be like them on day to be confident enough to live that dream.

For now, I'm still dreaming a dream to open a little shop to sell my home made items but do I dare to dream this unthinkable dream? Time is tight with my work and the children and all. But I really drool when I look at the shops at etsy and dream that one day I can too have my little shop. It's a step of faith but I would like to see myself stepping closely to the dream. Hmm....shall I? Shall I not??

My dear friends reading the blog, should I try? What do you like to see in my shop, if I've pucked up courage to open one? Do give me lots of suggestions and feedback.

So, for the first anniversary, I shall do another blog giveaway. Would you like to receive a set of the Colour Pen roll? It will include the 6 colour pen/markers.  I'll be giving away to 3 readers.

Just post a comment and let me know what you like to see in my blog for a chance to win a set. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you for the mailing address. I'm also accepting overseas readers for this giveaway so join in.  The giveaway will close on 24 September 12 midnight Singapore Time.


Joey said...

More tutorials. Love to refer to them since I'm bad in sewing.

jean said...

Happy 1st anniversary! Lovely pencils roll ^^

I would love to see more dresses cos I LOVE dresses :)

Hanny said...

hi Eunice...

Decided to drop by your blog and my oh my... i'm soooooo impressed with what you've done....

soo many cute & beautiful creations... ur girls are lucky to get them on a weekly dosage.. wish I can do even one of what you've done...

anyway, congrats on the anniversary and keep churning out beautiful creations.

As for the shop... do open it, it's truly a blessing to be doing something you love for a living... with the baby/children industry booming now, if you focus on items for them, i'm sure it'll sell well... :)))