Friday, September 2, 2011

Shower Bag on the go!

My girl has been using plastic bag to put her change of clothes to the Childcare centre everyday. She will then put them into her Messenger Bag and bring to school everyday.  As she will have to bring back the wet towel and soiled clothes, I've used plastic bag so that it will not wet her Bag.

But plastic bag is so ugly, not to mention, non environmental-friendly.

So, I made her a shower bag that she can put in all her wet stuff to bring back from school.

Simple instruction below as this is a simple rectagular bag with a water-proof inner layer to protect the bag. I've bought this water-resistent nylon fabric from Spotlight the other day. It's abit expensive at $13 per metre but it was ok since I'm only using a small fraction of it. But colour and print is limited to the black and white checked.

Simple Instruction
1) Sew 2 pieces of outer fabric at 2 sides and bottom. Size of fabric depend on how big or wide you want the bag to be.

2) Do the same for the inner bag. Clip corners and turn the bag inside out.

3) To make the bottom, fold the corner to a triange and measure 2.5" and sew a straight stitch across the corners.

4) Clip off the excess corners.  Do the same for the inner bag.

5) Fold in the top of the bag and press. Sew all around the bag so that the raw edges are tuck away.  Do the same for the inner bag.  Find the centralised point on the top of the bag and pin the nylon handle in place.

6) Sew the handle with a box stitch.  Insert the outer bag (Right Side In) into the inner bag (Right Side Out), align side seam and pin in place. Sew around the top edge of the inner bag so that both bags are sewn together.

There! Your bag with water-proof inner layer is ready for use!

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