Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KCWC 2011!

I've just signed up for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

Oh my! Am I insane? With the work and all??

But I wanted to try the challenge with other sewers. It will be fun, I think. And stressful too, but then, it's going to be very exciting! Can't wait for October to arrive.

Now, must go and find some inspiration. Already got plans to make a vest, a coat and a dres for my girls. I've even cut the fabric but just didn't get on to sew them. So, it's good that I can sew them just in time for the KCWC!

all cut up but no time to sew!

can you guess what this will be?
Now, to find some clothes for my toddler...let's look through my Pinterest board for some ideas.

If you are still thinking about this, come on and join us at the KCWC at elsie marley!

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jean said...

I am sure you can make it!! jia you! :)