Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A birthday skirt

My niece had her 6 year old birthday celebration last Sunday. I made her a baby blue pettiskirt. Made them using the same tutorial that I refered to when I made the 2 pink skirts for my girls.

I got these lovely soft chiffon in strips from here.  If I'm making them for sale, probably I'll order more because they are really very soft and nice. As this is the 3rd skirt I've made, I've managed to cut the sewing time to 3 hours. How? Instead of cutting the length of the ruffle layer of the skirt, I just let my sewing machine ruffle them and measure the length once a while against the 2nd chiffon layer so that I get the same length without having to adjust the gathers too much. Save lots of time to adjust the longgggg chiffon.

It's abit long on her though, she's a small build 6 year old. I made her the same size as my older girl who is taller. Used less chiffon in lenght so that there is less volume since she is smaller build. Overall, the skirt still looks lovely and fluffy.

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