Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Sorbetto Top, with Sleeves!

Remember the Sorbetto Top that I made?

As I said, it was a wonderful pattern and so simple. So, I decided to make another one. This time with sleeves since I actually don't really like to show my flabby arms.

Had intended to draw a simple sleeve pattern and adjust on the way but....Yippi!! I found a sleeve pattern on the blog made just for the Sorbetto Top! Amazing hah!

It's wonderful and you can drop by Sew, incidentally to take a look. I've made a link to her blog and you can get the sleeve pattern from there.

Basically, I sew  the top exactly as how I would do for the Sorbetto Top. You can download the FREE pattern from Collette website.  Then I serge the arm sync and sleeve before pinning them together, Right Side Facing. Note that the sleeve pattern has Front and Back so do be careful when you attach the sleeves.

I'm using size 4 so the sleeve is abit larger than the arm sync.  No problem at all. Just align the side seam with the arm sync and then do some gathering near the top of the sleeves so that it is abit puffy at the top. 

The sleeve stuck out more at the end so I pinch 1" in from the outer edge at the middle of the sleeves and sew it close. It looks better now. 

From the cutting to sewing, it took me less than 2 hours! I think I'll do better next time since I spent some time to figure out the fit for the sleeves to the arm sync and adjusted the form of the sleeves.

You like how my top look? I've used a satin black bias tape for the neckline and leave the sleeves as it is.

Detailed look at the sleeves.

I wore it to work with a black pencil skirt. It looks so pro! I got lots of  compliment in the office : )

But since I've tucked in the top, it's abit short. So, if you intend to wear the top tucked in, please add another 2" to the hem.


opportunityknits said...

Lovely sorbetto! Thanks for linking to the sleeve pattern. I have been thinking of adding a sleeve to sorbetto, so this is really handy and saves me the trouble :)

Eunice said...

you are welcome. Do vist often

Cookies said...

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