Monday, September 5, 2011

My Favourite Pattern books

Last Saturday I pop by Kinokuniya at Orchard thinking of geting some sewing pattern books.

Guess what? I found so many that I wanted to buy but had to limit to only 3 as it is quite expensive. Let me show you what I've got.

This one is on girls clothes. The book concept is about grading adult clothing to kids size from 100 - 140.  I loved ALL the patterns in this book. Not only are the photos pretty, they gave the actual size paper patterns for all the skirts, blouses, dresses, hat, bags and shorts.  I think for the 29 patterns, the price of $33.40 is well worth it. See for yourself if you aren't tempted to buy.

love the concept of having a separate wrap skirt over the dress

I can see my girl in this one!

They have instruction for Adult size too!

Ahhh...Stylish jacket and pants.

The 2nd book that I bought is also a girl sewing book by the same publisher under 'Heart Warming Life Series'. They are all from the same author Yuki Araki. This one focus on Autumn and Winter clothings.  Love the jackets and top.

I love this jacket design

A dress-jacket

All 24 pattern pieces!!

The last one that I bought was a sewing book for Lady - Me! It's by Sasahara Noriko.  The clothes are very sweet and pretty. I love the simplicity and clean cut of her design.  It's $31.  Here's a glimpse of what's my favourite.

I can't wait to try these 2

Interesting shoulder and pleat details

Yes, full pattern pieces enclosed!

Although the book is in Japanese, the drawings instructions are quite clear. Maybe because I've studied Japanese so basic japanese, especially Katagana, is not too difficult for me. If any of you are interested to buy, you can e-mail me on the Japanese terms and I'll be happy to help. But if you are a more seasoned sewer, it should not be a problem.

If you are staying in Singapore, I urged you to drop by Kinokuniya Japanese section and browse their many many selection of sewing books. The good thing about this store is you can asked to open up the plastic wrap and browse through the copy before you decide to buy. No question asked! I love their service standard and how well stocked their books are. 

The other store that you can find some Taiwanese and chinese translated Japanse sewing magazine is Popular bookstores. They have many branches all over Singapore. I usually buy Bag making books from there. If you are concerned about the Japanese langugage, the books at Popular are in Mandarin-translated from Japanese. The other regular magazine I got from Popular is Cotton Friends. But you can also find wider selection in Kinokuniya. Oh, they also have Chinese books section that store these series of magazine too.

I've already traced out the dress pattern and hopefully will be able to sew it this coming week!  If any of you have bought the book or intend to buy the book, we can try to do sew-along together??

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