Sunday, September 18, 2011

Japanese Sewing Book & a Sew-along

Oh, how I loved the Japanese sewing book. The instruction is so clear with the picture. Since the last time I blogged about it, I went to town and bought some more! 

More books on woman and girls. I couldn't resist the pretty photography and lovely dresses.

Do you like the dress that I sew from one of the Japanese sewing book?

How do you like sew along with me using a pattern from the Japanese pattern book?

Sounds good?

This one is Feminine Wardrobe (フェミニンワードローブ) by Jinko Matsumoto (松本 仁子)

There are so many pretty outfits in there and I'm not sure which one should I start first? I have a wedding lunch next Sunday and I hope I can wear one of these dress to the lunch.  Beside the sweet Ribbon Bow dress on the book cover, I'm also considering the 2 below.  What do you think?

riboon ties one piece
2 tone slip dress
If you are keen to try it with me, you can buy the book (at Kinokuniya if there's one near your place or at Amazon). Do let me know which pattern you are interested to try. I'll start sewing on Wednesday so will announce the sewing design on Tuesday.

I'll be doing some simple translation from Japanese to English for those of you who had trouble with the language. But if you have the book, you will know it's quite simple to just look at the picture and follow.  The translation will be over at the new page at my tab.


jean said...

i want to sew along too! May I? I love Jap pattern because it fits asian best. But i don't have the book. I will try to but this cos i love the first pic pattern.. you should sew that too for wedding lunch :)


Meri said...

I am making a blouse from this at the moment although interpreting the Japanese is a pain it is so cute and I am over joyed to see the results.