Monday, October 10, 2011

A new wallet

I love the coin compartment. So neat : )

In total, there are 20 card slots, 1 coin compartment, 5 receipt compartments and 1 cash compartment. Wow! It's rather FAT when I fit everything in.

If I were to make this again, I'll eliminate the centre 16 cards slots or join have 8 slots. It's very thick and when I fold it, with its red cover, it looks like a block of brick from afar!

But I still love it. Its very functional and pretty. I've used 4 types of fabric here. Bought the pattern from an etsy store Napkitten. Instruction is pretty clear but you need to be an advance beginner sewer to do this. Alot of sewing through thick layers.

I've followed the instruction quite closely as it is very confusing with so many pieces.  I start off by planning the colour schemes and cut out all the pieces and stick post-it pad to help me identified the parts later. Used interfacing for all instead of canvas pieces in between. Use magnetic snap instead. I hand stitch the bias tape for the front cover as it is very thick and I'm afraid that the difference in the card slots will affect the alignment if I machine sew.  For the rest, I've followed the instruction to the T.

Inner card slots: Pink - Doohicky Designs Hoo's In The Forest, Flower Jacks Pink; Green - Michael Miller Ta Dot Celery.  Both from Fabricworm.
Outer Red - Can't remember the name. It's red with white boxes and got birds and squirrel motifs. Also from Fabricworm.
Red background with white dots - some cotton fabric I got from Spotlight.

Okay, tomorrow I'll share the vest for the KCWC Day 1!

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