Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dolls and such

Have you seen fabric with front and back of dolls or animals printed for easy sewing of dolls. It's so easy to sew up a doll from these fabric.

Just cut around the dotted lines and place them right side facing and sew all around, leaving a small gap for turning the doll over. Stuff them up and sew up the gap and you have your dolls.

I bought this fabric from a shop at Textile centre for $12.50. There are 4 dolls designs and come with 4 types of animals too.

And I sew them up into these...

4 cute dolls and their animal pets. So adorable and quick. If you want to make some, drop by Textile centre and get one of these pre-printed fabric to make some. I think they have another design too.

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jean said...

yes i bought the sunbonnet version :) pretty cute :)

Eunice said...

Great! So have you sew them all? Very addictive right?