Monday, October 31, 2011

Reward Chart

This year I started a Reward chart for my older girl. Her childcare teacher suggested to me to have this chart at home to reward her good behavior as she seems to do better with this chart in school.

So, we had this chart where I award her points for good behaviors. Extra point given for doing the extra like doing things without being told or being praised by her teachers or helping her friends. I do deduct points at times for bad behaviors. Like when she misbehave in school and didn't do her homework.

If you asked me, it worked most of the time but deduction of points in straight row cause dissentments and uncooperation from her. So nowadays I'll pace myself and not deduct points in consecutive days.  I also give out interim rewards like movie trips or eating at her favourite japanese restaurants when she reached every 10's on the chart.

The final reward at the end of the 100 points is a brand new kids bicycle which is what she wanted. We are working together to achieve this goal before Christmas. At 72 points now, I guess we are moving close.

You can do a simple Reward chart using Word document and insert drawings using clipart of just different shapes.  Mine is given below. You can download and use it if you like.

So, how do you manage your kids? I will like to know as sometimes my patience is tried.

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