Tuesday, October 11, 2011

KCWC Day 2

A-line skirt with big pockets

This is size 100.  I made this for my little girl using corduroy that I bought from Spotlight. As this fabric has a nap, I've to cut the pattern pieces with the fabric face up and all in one direction. It's quite easy to put together, I took about 1 hour. The pockets took some time but it's was ok.

This one was a pattern from this Japanese book that I talked about the last time.

I really love this book. I'm happy that I can use the pattern pieces supplied for both of my girls as it has 100 to 140 sizes! But be warn that the pattern pieces are drawn over each other so you will have to look carefully to trace out the correct one.

I've used highlighter pen to trace over the pieces that I want and then use the freezer paper to trace over the pattern pieces before I cut them out. One good thing about freezer paper is you can iron them on the fabric directly and you don't need pins! I don't see alot of freezer paper in Singapore so if you need one, you can get them either at Spotlight or Cold Storage store at Leisure Park Mall.

Ok, back tomorrow with a knit blouse....

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jean said...

nice works, Eunice! my dress books finally arrived!!! am so excited and planning to draft and cut fabric hopefully next week :)

have a blessed week ahead!