Monday, March 26, 2012

Patterns patterns

I bought all these pattern recently from Sewing during their Simplicity USD2.99 sale! Even with the international shipping, it is still cheaper than getting from Spotlight.   

I really envy the sewers at the States where they can pop in their local fabric store and find 99cents patterns! I'm not sure where else can I find sewing patterns in Singapore except for Spotlight. 

SO when I saw the sale at USD2.99, I grab the offer.  To make the shipping worthwhile, I order a lot, as you can see.  I waited anxiously for the shipment to arrive since they go by United State Postal Service, I don't have a tracking number so I was worried it will not arrive.

It finally came last week, one pattern got some tiny tear, but it doesn't affect the paper patterns.  The rest  are in good shape. I can't wait to open them and sew up some fabulous dresses.  

As you can see, I love dresses. My resolution in 2012 is to sew fitted clothes for myself. I thought starting with pattern will be good idea. I got some pattern reviews online before I pick these few (er..many). I'm happy with my purchase.

The 2 patterns were from Spotlight.  Have already cut out the fabric for the above dress and my girl had ordered her version of coat and dress so hopefully I got some good items to show soon. 

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