Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty Floral wallet

Remember my last post on wallet?

This one is about the same design but slightly longer and wider. About 8.5" by 4.5" when folded.  This time, I remembered to sew on my label! Let's look inside shall we?

Inside is about the same as my last wallet except that one side has 7 card slots facing upright while the other has the usual 6 slots facing the other direction.  Here's how it looks with the cards all in.

The floral print is cotton from Spotlight and the dark blue is quilting cotton by Robert Kaufman. What I love is I got 3 hidden card slots behind the 7 card slots! Look, I can keep more cards, and doesn't add bulk to the wallet : ) I can also use it as receipt pocket too.

On the other side, behind the 6 card slots, I've the cash compartment.

The back receipt pocket that is made bigger from version 1. Good size to fit in more cards or receipts or any rubbish that I chuck here.  I can even fit in my handphone nicely and still remain slim. 

And, because it's bigger, my coin compartment is also bigger.

I love this version. And I got an order from my sister to sew up one for her too! Maybe I should put in the strap so it can function as a clutch. What do you think?

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Fiona Yee said...

hi eunice. lovely post on the wallet. just found this post, think it is a great idea as Christmas gift giving. A strap would be useful if you make anymore in the future, as I think clutch wallet is handy, especially for mums on the go. thanks for sharing.

i m just learning to sew at this stage, so will put this on my wish list for future.
do drop by and visit my blog