Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple chiffon top

I saw this tutorial from Cotton and Curl on a rectangle top and told myself that I've got to try this.  So when I picked up this chiffon fabric recently from Spotlight (it was on sale for $6 per metre), I knew it was just the right material for this top. I've loved the stripe and the blue hues.

The tutorial is really simple but I did make some changes to the original tutorial. Here's how I did it. 

Decide how long you want your top to be and cut.  Fold the fabric into half lengthwise and lay it flat. I've put a lot of pins along the selvage so that the chiffon doesn't move too much when I cut.

I followed her tutorial and sew a rectangle at both lower ends.  The top part will form the arm hole later. So measure wisely so you have some allowance.

Then, fold the chiffon into half widthwise so that you can measure and cut the neckline.  I've used one of my t-shirt as a guide for the neckline. Remember the front neckline is always lower than the back. After you get the lowest point marked out, use a curve ruler and draw out the neckline.

Draw the back neckline also, slightly higher than the front neckline. See the 2 lines below.

Before you cut, pin the chiffon down first to prevent movement.  Then, cut off the back neckline (the one that is higher), taking note that you also cut the back folded portion of the chiffon.

For the front neckline you got to be careful not to cut through to the back. First cut the front layer carefully to avoid the back fabric, cut from the top to the folded edge.

Then, open up the folded edge and using the cut piece to trace out the other front neckline. This will be helpful to cut a really symmetrical neckline.

For the sides, cut off the fabric under the sewn rectangle.  If you like your chiffon to have some curves, you can cut off the bottom edge like so.

I cut the folded portion from armhole to armhole through the neckline so that you have 2  separates at the shoulder seams because I feel that the shape is better.  But you can leave it as folded and save the steps to sew.  Then, I sew bias tapes using the same fabric on the neckline.  For the armholes, I didn't sew any but just rolled hem on them. Also did the same method for the hem.

So, here's my top. I like it but next time if I make it, I'll make it longer so that it will have more drape.


opportunityknits said...

This top turned out so pretty. The drape and print of the fabric is perfect for such a top.

Eunice said...

Thanks you. : )