Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fat quarter wallet anyone?

I had many fat quarters that I bought some time ago and I only used them to make some laptop bags and they have been lying in my room, being pretty and all.  So, I decided that I should cut into them and make some useable items instead of storing them away.  

It is still a struggle for me to use them cause I can't bear to cut into them! Do you feel that way too? I"m not sure or maybe it's just me.  I'm afraid that I'll waste them away if my project turn out bad or I cut them wrongly. 

Anyway, back to the topic of sewing wallet.  I decided to do it differently from the last 2 time.  I wanted lots of card compartments so made 12 card slots for this one.  I keep it simple and flat so that it will still look slim.

The yellow fabric is from Hullabaloo by Urban Chika for Moda and the grey one is Dandelion flora by Patty Young for Michael Miller.  Love the color combination. I've bind my wallet with bias tapes as the interfacing is too thick for me to turn it right side out.

I've put the coin compartment at the external back because I find it more accessible for me and I don't need to flip open the wallet to put in the coins. It has a back receipt pockets for me to insert the receipt from supermarket! But I find it too small so in my version 2, I make it bigger.

Inside, I've 2 cash compartment behind the 6 card slots.  Love the nice dandelion print.  I've also took some time to match the fabric combination.  All in all, I use less than 1 fat quarter for each color. 

I didn't really take photographs of the steps as I invent along the way. I did another wallet cause I thought if I change the direction of the card slots it will be more interesting.  Look out for my next wallet post.

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Ranice said...

i dont bear to cut my fat quarters too!too pretty/cute to cut!haha!