Friday, March 30, 2012

Why I sew

My friends from work and church often asked me where I find the time to sew. They were amazed when they saw my kids in church wearing matchy matchy dress or skirts and asked me how I did it?

I'm not sure it has to do with time cause I really find it lacking oftentimes.  Between fetching my kids to school, work, fetching them back home, coaching them on school work etc, I've very little time. It's a choice of either resting infront of TV or chatting with husband who most of the time worked late and didn't have much time to chat during weekdays. Instead of letting my brain rot infront of the TV and sometimes I get so hocked up on the Korean Drama series that I was out of sync from the routine boring life I'm living...The guys in those shows are so dreamy, charming, understanding and they appear in reallife? I've digressed..

Back to sewing...I get lots of satisfaction when I made beautiful wearable clothes for my kids. Not that they need it. They have so many clothes that I don't think they will need any homemade ones from me. I mean, my friends, sister and all hand me down many 2nd hand clothes that their children outgrown and their wardrobes are stuffed with them. But, I can't help sewing for them everytime I see those pretty designs from the Japanese sewing book like these..

Are you tempted yet? So, I get myself into the KCWC to sew up, more systematically, more clothes for my kids. Sewing is very theraputic too. I'm stressed out at work, with kids and their grades etc, so sewing is an outlet for me to do something creative. I'm not so good at sewing yet so I've lot to learn and sewing regularly help me to hone my skills and hopefully one day, I'll be able to sew up clothes that fits for me!

What's the reason for sewing? Do you sew when you are upset or you sew because it's a creative outlet for you? For me, it's both but I've got to remind myself not to be so caught up in sewing that it becomes an alterative avenue for me instead of Praying to God. I thank God for His grace and faithfulness in my life that enable me to pursue my interest while juggling the demands of work and family. I have to be careful to balance the time for family, work, God and personal hobby like sewing. Hopefully one day, my sewing will help to bring smiles to someone in need or it can be use for the work of God, maybe : )

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