Friday, October 11, 2013

Chevron Knit Tunic

Pattern from Ottobre 5/2009 issue. The one on the right.  I was thinking about making the coat on the left too.. Well, we'll see.

I've used a medium weight knit with chevron print for this tunic. I think I bought it from Chinatown or something. With only 3 pattern pieces, it was a quick sew.

I eliminated the 2 puffy pockets but added one pocket which I think it will be more interesting.

I love the way it was constructed.  I really learnt a lot from Ottobre's instruction, although I do have to get use to the wordy instructions with no graphic step by step guide. The clear elastic at the shoulder seams help to reinforce the area.  Bought these clear elastic from a shop at Textile centre.

I omitted the elastic casing at the sleeves cause I don't like the puffy feel. So, it was a bit wide and flappy but not too bad.

The neckline is gathered using the elastic. I like it that it is not too tight, like a peasant blouse.  The length is just nice and really goes well with jeans.  I also love the curvy hemline which is so pretty.

 I cut size 36 but could have gone down 1 size smaller but since I'm going to use it as a layering piece.  It's a basic tunic but oh so pretty and such a quick sew that I finish the tunic in 1 hour's time! So satisfying.


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Arlene R. Tellis said...

I love your hoodies. I want to make a towel hoodie for my grandsons (4 of them). I know how to make them but I do not know the height and width to make the hoods for 8 year old boys...they live in Chicago and Boston...I am in Fl..can you give me a rough idea..face opening height from neck up, 1/2 neck width for pattern, back of head height...then I can make the arc to your work