Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Toddler Fleece Hoodies

Made 2 fleece hoodies for my nieces recently. They are going on a family trip to Taiwan in October and I was thinking a nice warm fleece hoodies will be good for them.

The fabric was left over from the hoodies I made for my girls and it was just nice to make these knee length hoodies.  The pattern was adapted from 'Teddy Bear" faux fur knit coat pattern from Ottobre 4/2012 size 92.

For the grey hoodie, I lined the hood with the same fabric while the rabbit hoodie was has a minky chevron for the inner hood.  Instead of the recommended snap fasteners, I used self-covered buttons with kit from Daiso. I especially love the buttons from the minky. Like a furry pebble, so soft to touch.

More Winter sewing for me as I'm going to Japan this December and we need more warm clothes. But that is an excuse. I just wanted to make some cold weather wears. I've finished cutting up the fabrics and waiting to sew them up. But before that, gotta finish up some costumes for my girl's school parties...more to come


c(*oo*)o said...

Love the bunny hoodie. That fabric is delicious!

Eunice said...

I love the buddy fabric too but sadly can't find it at Spotlight now.