Friday, October 18, 2013

Elephant Hoodie

A new hoodie for my 3 year old.  The hoodie pattern is adapted from Ottobre 6/2012 "kettu Pettunen". 

This is a lined hooded jacket using size 104.  The fit is great for layering and not too wide.

I used the flannel with colorful elephants print for the outer shell and soft micro fleece in hot pink for the lining.  All the raw seams are enclosed between the lining, even the zipper edge. So proud of myself : )

Cute details like crescent pockets which is also lined in soft micro fleece.  I omitted the knit binding on the pocket opening and just use the Sew both shell and lining Right Side Facing (RSF) and leave a opening to turn RS out and top stitch.  Do remember to add in Seam Allowance (SA) if you are doing this way.

The instruction is great but I was stumbled for a while on how to sew the sleeves together for the main and lining pieces but it was a good experience and I'll use that for future lined jackets.  I am especially proud of the sleeve cuff that actually works.  I didn't use the ribbing but the micro fleece that is really stretchy. Just remember to cut the cuff so that the stretch is across  for your toddler to insert her hands though!

The seams are all nicely concealed and not raw edges. If I've used a reversible zipper, the jacket can be reversible. But I didn't thought of it when I buy the zipper but it is still nice to conceal the ugly raw edge away.

If you are doing the same way as I did. Do remember to add in SA on the pocket opening, front facing and hood facing because you need to sew the main and lining RSF and turn RS out so SA is needed.

The hood is nice and big for her head.

Don't you just love the bright colors and cute pockets!


Cassie Kam said...

I love elephants! Great job with the hoodie, very nice! :)

cJ said...

This is so pretty! :)