Friday, October 25, 2013

Neck Warmer

I was tempted to try out these Minky Sherpa in baby pink from earlier.  It was quite pricey at $11.98 per yard so I ordered only 1/2 yard to try out.

When I saw it, it was really very soft and cuddly.  But also very dirty! They must have stored it at some corners and it got really dusty and dirty.  I wash it and it was good as new.  I'm thinking of lining the winter coats hood with these soft sherpa since I don't really have a lot.  But first, I decided to make these - Neck Warmers!

Scarf is nice but for kids, it looks really dangerous since the kids tend to tag and pull and i always have this fear that someday someone may pull it too tight and the kids may get strangled!  So, a short neck warmer will solve the issue.

It was super easy and I did it my way so here's a simple steps if you are interested.  I used the sherpa for the front and the back, I used the remanent micro fleece from the earlier hoodie projects here and here.

70cm long, 15cm wide of Minky Sherpa in baby pink
70cm long, 15cm wide of Microfleece in lilac
6" by 4" scrape of microfleece

1) Fold a piece of micro fleece of about 6" long and 4" wide, right side facing, along the 2 short sides and 1 long side, leaving a gap to turn it right side out.  Stitch opening close.

2) Pin the strap to the right side of the micro fleece. About 2" from the side, try to centralized it to the middle. Sew the 2 short ends down. 

See the strap become a loop for one end of the neck warmer to pass through.

3) Then sew the 2 long piece of sherpa and micro fleece together, right side facing.  Leave a gap for turning later.

My micro fleece fabric is not long enough since I'm using left over from my previous project so I sew 2 pieces together.

4) I decided to round off the corner after I've sewn the sides so I just hand drawn the curves and sew across it.

5) This is how it looks after I've trimmed the corners and also trim the sherpa along the seam allowance to reduce the bulk.  Turn right side out through the opening and stitch the opening close.

6) This is how it looks when you insert the end of one end of the Neck Warmer through the loop. 

That's all. So easy right? i think the size can even fits me! See it fits my dress form.

My girl loves it.  So does my colleagues in the office who saw it.  I've got many request to make but alas, I only have limited sherpa and its only in pink! Should I buy more?

It was so quick and easy that I made 2.  In a house with 2 girls, what do you expect. Everything times 2 or else!

Next up will be color block hoodies

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