Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bags & Pouchers - Part 4 (Last episode!)

This post concludes the last series of my 1 yard Nico Nico Land fabric sewing.

The messenger bag is a request from my 9 year old.  She wants a cross body bag with a big flap and a zipper.  She also requested for a side water bottle holder if possible.  But alas, since I'm working with the remnant of my fabric, I had to go for a basic bag.

front view with flap

The bag a BIG flap in front with velcro closures.  I didn't use any pattern since I am using left over fabric and still wanted to match the print for the front flap to the side of the bag and the front of the bag.  But I refer heavily to Lier's post on gusseted tote tutorial.

But due to the limitation of my fabric and the need to align the print, I cut my flap, top and back in one continuous piece and then sew a line between the back and top portion to create an artificial line to demarcate the back portion.  See below.

back view
As I use a directional print for my side gusset, I sew 2 pieces of the gusset pieces right side facing so that the seam lines are under the bottom of the bag and out of sight.

side of bag
With careful placement, both sides of the bag has the same pink border print at the bottom which align nicely with the front flap print! I did try to make sure that side and front are same so I was extremely careful when sewing the velcro on the front.

front view without flap
The bag is really big and roomy.  It measures 14" wide and 11" tall.  I'm recording down the measurement below so that I can keep for future reference.

Flap+Top+Back = Height [ 26" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA ] X Width [14" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]
2 Side Gusset Panels = Length [18" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA] X Width [4" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]
Front = Height [11" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA] X Width [14" + 0.5" SA + 0.5" SA]

Here's the inside view with the pocket. I actually pieced the pocket pieces together since I've not enough. The top pink portion is actually from the bottom print but it works like bias tape here to cover the raw edge!

After I've sewn up the bag, I sew the straps.  I can't find the shade of pink in the right width for the bag.  Since it is so big, the strap should be at least 1.5".  Finally at the Textile centre, I got this 1.5" beige cotton webbing that is not too stiff and sew on a 0.75" pink nylon webbing in the middle to match the overall pink theme.

I also bought some black sliders and buckles from the same shop.  I can't find a pink or white ones so black will have to do.  Lier's blog has a good tutorial on how to sew the sliders and straps which is very helpful.


Here's the bag in action.  She loves the big bag. It's a good thing that I didn't add the side pocket. It will be too bulky and heavy.  She just flop the flap over and didn't even care if it match the sides. So much for my careful sewing! You just have to take my words that they really match at the side. lol

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