Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 3

Without further ado, this is a sling bag for my 4 year old.

The bag is cut using the bottom of the border print for Nico Nico Land.  Pattern is also from the same magazine Cucito 2012 Winter/Early Spring issue.  Don't you just love this magazine.  It is packed with lots of Back to School projects and lots of bags/pouches/apron ideas.  The sling bag is no. 52 and no. 55 in the picture below.

The original bag uses a quilted cotton as the outer fabric.  I did the reverse. My lining is the pre-quilted cotton so it work out well.  The quilted cotton really gives the bag some structure but not too stiff.  I used it for the Shoe bag earlier.

Instruction is also given using diagrams but without photographs. I think it is still quite clear.  Here you can see the top of the bag is closed with velcro. I cut the fabric so that the top is framed by a border of flowers.

Inside of the bag.  See the quilted cotton? Give it a nice shape and padding. It looks like a bucket if you open up wide.

Here's the side view.  See the strap. Guess where I got them? haha... You are right if you say Daiso.  Both the D Ring, slider (at the bottom) and the strap are from Daiso.

The slides and the D Ring. A set cost $2 so you can make 2 bags with 1 set! Real deal.  Both the pink and red ones have small white polka dots on them. Super cute. I think they also got Yellow and Baby Blue [City Square Mall branch].

Here's the action shot of my girl with her bag. You can see the slider on the bag, making it adjustable and she can use it when she grow taller.

Ahh...when did she grow up so fast! It was just yesterday that she was a toddler learning to walk.  sob..My baby has grown up.

She loves her new bag and the height and depth is just nice to fit 3 A4 size colouring books and 2 big colour pencil cases plus a water bottle. Very roomy.

I love it that the strap is not too stiff. It is quite soft and the soft pink colour matches the bag perfectly.  A happy kid really makes my day.

Next post, I will conclude with a Messenger Bag for my 9 year old.  Stay tune!

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