Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 1

In my last trip to Japan, I bought some Japanese fabric. The bags above are all made from 1 yard of  Nico Nico Land fabric designed by Koko Seki under Lecien.

I'm very pleased with myself to squeezed out 4 items with just 1 yard! The print is border printed on both sides of the panel so if you lay your pattern differently, you will get different design and look!

First up, is a Shoe Bag that I make for my best friend's girl in Japan.  This is the type of bag that the elementary kids use to keep their shoes and bring to shoe. I use the bottom part of the print so that the pink flower will become the base and the cartoon are at the top.

Pattern is from this book.

There is a photo step by step to guide you on sewing such bag.

Instead of the fabric loop that the instruction called for, I use this loop(?) (not sure what you call this item) D Ring.

So you string one end of the strap through the loop D Ring and pull through.  The lining for the bag is a quilted cotton that I got from Spotlight. This one is really useful and save me the time to quilt.  I didn't interface the fabric because the thick fabric plus the quilted lining help to hold the bag nicely.

The loop D Ring and the strap is a set that I got for $2 from Daiso. It comes in bright pink and yellow. I think the colour fits the bag nicely.

I'll share the next pouch in my next post.

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