Monday, March 10, 2014

Bags & Pouches - Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the 4-bags-with-1 yard-fabric post!

I also made a Cup Bag for the same little girl in Japan.  Cup Bag? What's that? I was surprised when I read the name on the magazine but it seems like in Japan, there is different bags/pouches for different items like shoe, cup, bento, lesson bag etc.

Anyway, I use the pattern from the same magazine.

The instruction is also a photo step by step so it was really easy.  Especially this one don't need a lining.

For this bag or pouch, I use the middle portion of the Nico Nico Land fabric which has lots of cute cakes, macron print all over the baby pink background.

Did you notice my cute pink stopper and beads? I got these as a set [2 stoppers and 4 beads] from Daiso for $2! Yes, you have to believe it. Daiso does carry some of these cute item that is really affordable and add a cute factor to your project don't you think?

Here's how it looks open up.  My Precious Moment ballerina figurine is modelling for me.

Side view.

That complete the set for my little friend.

So, come back again for Part 3! I know, I'm a tease : P

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