Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alphabet keychains

Yippee! I've crossed another milestone in my christmas sewing. Just finish a batch of alphabet keychains for my colleagues in the office.  I've used the first alphabet in their names.  They are really my labours of love. Spent many late nights cutting, sewing, turning the tiny pieces of fabric inside out and stuffing with fillings and attaching the buttons and ribbons. Phew! Although, the sewing may need some improvements as my fingers are tweetching from holding the needles for toooo long, overall I liked what I see. All 15 of them!

If you are interested to sew them, it's actually quite easy. I've used jelly roll as the height was just nice. I've used 2 different types of fabric for the front and back. Put them with right side facing and trace out the alphabet. I've used free hand to draw. Sew onto the drawn line and leave about 1" for turning.  For the corners, I've snip off for ease of turning.  After I've turned them to the right side facing, stuff them with fibre fillings and hand stitch them close.  I've also sew some cute buttons on them and cut a 5" ribbon to attach to the alphabet and buttons. Insert the ring into the loop when you sew. There! You are done.

My big girl wakes up this morning and saw the alphabet keychains and asked for one in Pink! Sigh. I'm already so busy trying to finish up my christmas sewing without her asking me to sew her every single presents that I've sewn. So I said "ok, but can I give you after Christmas cause mummy can't finish my sewing as it is." She said "ok. but I want all my alphabet name". And I said "ok, I'll sew them for you coming birthday in Jan". Big smile from daughter.

Now, tonight I can get to do some more sewings.  Keep coming here to see what I've done.  I've saw some great ideas from all the nice blogs that I visited. Have no time to share now as I've many more sewing to do. Will post some links when I'm done with my christmas sewings. So, till then, merry sewing!


Webmaster said...

I love all your works and appreciate your passion for every bit of life. Keep showing ne.

Naturally Carol said...

You have done a great job in sewing these pretty letters...and your daughter has a very kind mummy to sew her whole name for her birthday!