Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas sewing in progress

Got to say, I'm really happy that I've finished some of my gifts, so now, 30 more to go... : P

Here's a preview of what I've made these 2 days.
2 cute baby pillow
2 of my friends are pregnant so I've made some small pillows and baby changing mats for them. For the pillow, I've used the towels that I've bought earlier for this projects. The cartoon print are so cute.
the original baby wash towel
Basically, I just fold the towel into half and sew the long edge and one of the short edge. For the kitty one, as the print is in the middle, I've to fold the towel so that the kitty face is right in the middle. See below.  Then, sew along the long edge and on one end of the short edge. The other edge let it be open for you to insert the inner case.
fold them at the wrong side and sew along edges
As this is only the case, I've sewn an inner case and fill up with fibre filling to be inserted back into the case.  Easy right?

Before I go and talk about the changing mats, I have to show you another cute cushion I've made for my girl. She saw the hello kitty baby pillow and demanded to have one! I explained that its' for a baby and besides, it's too small for her. Then, she cried....I'm shocked. Anyway, thank God I've another hello kitty towel. So I made her a cushion to hug in the car. I've used 2 towels to make the front and back so that it's duo-face.  She's finally happy. And Daddy said that it's well done and he thought it was bought from somewhere! : )



Basically, I just sew the 2 towels together along the 3 edges on the wrong sides. Then I turn them out to the right side and insert the inner cushion and then the stuffing. Sew them tight.

Ok, now back to the baby changing mat. I've created a simple baby changing mat from a big changing mat that I've bought.  As it was really big, I've cut them into 2 and added my own fabric and sew ontop of the plain side.  I've made 2 changing mats from there.  One for a girl and one for a boy. Added the ribbon and it's all done.

Any, finally, for all of you who are rushing the Christmas sewing like me, keep it up and keep smiling as you work!
happy girl with her new cushion!

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