Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas gifts in the making..

Oh. I'm in a furious mode of crafting and sewing now that Christmas is around the corner. Not sure if I'm able to finish up all the presents. hmm.. last resort, will have to buy them at the shopping malls.. But I would really like to sew or made something specials to my friends this Christmas.

Do you want to see what I've made so far. Not a lot but that's all I can do after I've put my kids to sleep at 10pm and worked till 2am. My mind is not really in the good stage as I'm really tired. Somehow, I've made lots of green. It's the Christmas colour after all right? They are pretty easy to make as a slip cover over a note book. Just that I'm using jelly rolls and had to sew the long stripes together and find the right combination of fabric takes up alot of my time. I especiallyl like the one with ruffles but my husband likes the one with pokka dots and stripes. Which do you prefer?

4 fabric book covers and more to come...

Did I mention that my girl is having her 6th birthday bash in January? Gosh..I'm so busy up to my neck to make something for her. In Singapore, parents usually will do a big celebration for their children's 6 year old birthday as they are in Kinder 2 and this will most likely be the last big birthday party thaat they will be having before they step into Primary 1 of serious studying and examinations. So sad right. So for now, I'm also rushing out her invitation cards. That little lady has requested that we go for Pink and Yellow colour schemes because Pink is her favourite colour and Yellow is the favourite of her BFF Jun Kiat. But yesterday, she told me to change it to Blue as Jun Kiat has changed his favourite! Children are so flickle-minded nowadays. sigh..

Wait till I'm done with the inviation cards designs and I'll post them here again. So long..back to work and sewing tonight. Gombatte!

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