Tuesday, December 21, 2010

While baby was sleeping..

As a working mom, I can only do my sewing late at night when my responsibilities of motherhoods end with my girls in bed. But for this Christmas, I had to burnt through lots of late nights and thank God my husband was very helpful. He puts the kids to bed (in the process, he slept through many early nights), so that I can do more sewing.

So while the baby was sleeping, I did a mass production of angry birds! These are the birds before they become 3D. My husband even helped me to cut around the fleece for the eyes! All 12 of them.

12 birds for 12 days of christmas!

Ta-da! 12 birds resting by the flowers!

I've also sewn some fabric coaster for my best friends - couple sets. Didn't take picture this time as was rushing to made them on Saturday night since Sunday is the present-giving day. It was 4" X 4" with batting in between 2 different fabric. I've used charm pack for this project.

Good good good..Now, it's time to make the goodie bags gift for my daughters' birthday bash coming up on 8 Jan. Yes, the 2 girls will be celebrating together since their birthday is only 3 days apart. Good time huh!

Spent the whole of Sunday afternoon making the inviation cards for her friends in childcare and church. It was simple but I've used the 3 colour schemes that she requested - Pink, Blue and Green. I've many ideas that I caught from blogland but not sure if I can pull of everything myself. My husband was like " why don't you just engage a balloon guy to do balloon scrupturing or facing painting". I guess he was afraid I might  be too stressed out with all the christmas sewings and all. But I really wanted to do the preparation work myself as a gift for my beloved daughter. hmm.. am I biting off too much that I can handle? well, we'll see how. I even thought of baking cookies for the party (I can imagine my husband will rolled his eyes and sigh...). : P finger crossed and keep sewing!! My girls have grown so much..I'm so proud of them : )

all big now!

hug me!

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