Friday, December 3, 2010

It's a season to be giving...

December is a very busy month for me, like all Christians. Thinking about gifts, buying them, wrapping them and even trying to get hold of friends during church service on Christmas Day is itself a tiring affairs. I'm always grateful and happy when Christmas draws near every year. But at the same time, the panic feeling that I've not done with the Christmas shopping list keeps me on my toes till the Big Day arrives.

This year, I thought maybe I could make some of the projects for my friends. My sister told me that her friends read from my blog about the lovely dolls and crafts and had wished that she could buy them. So, I thought it would be a good idea to give them away.

Well, it's just 3 weeks from Christmas so I'm getting real Busy now with the sewing. Could hardly get things done these few days. Bought a new Ikea wardrobe for big sister to keep her things. Isn't the colour cheerful?
Kept her stay at home clothes in the drawers and her books and play sets in the upper decks. She loved them and was jumping up and down when she saw the re-arranged room. I took the opportunity to clean up her room and sorted out her things. My, she really keep lots of junk in her drawers! That took me a whole day. I was actually on vacation leave for the last 3 days but never got to do any sewing at all. The 2nd day was a hairdo day. Went to rebond my hair (make my curly wavy hair straight) and coloured them. Was at the salon chair from 11am till 5.30pm! My bottom ache after the long hours of sitting. Today is the last day of my leave. Guess what I'm doing? Well, my mother in law had to visit a doctor so I'm taking care of baby today. Hence, no sewing again. I'm actually taking a break writing the blog while she's having her nap..shh...

And Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer....EEkkks...What am I to do!! I've not yet done with my sewing : ( Got to burnt midnight oil now till christmas. I"ve had in mind so many things to do and sew. Got to prioritise them now else I'll never be able to finish.  Will post the gifts soon, if I can get to them tonight, at least.

Last month was my husband's birthday and my daughter made him a nice photo-card in a frame. Bought it from Ikea and she decorated it with stickers, draw lots of hearts and draw the whole family of 4.  So sweet of her. isn't it nice?

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