Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas cards & angry bird

One more week and it's Christmas! Anticipating but yet stressful with all the christmas sewings going on. Well, I think I'm making good progress.

Most of my friends at work are clearing their vacation leave soon, so I had to give them their presents early today. I was rewarded with their smiles and appreciative 'thank you'. That's the reason why I sew my gifts. To see that the receivers are happy with my gifts from my heart. I'm glad they like it.

For the last 2 days, I was working on a project for some of my friends who are into 'Angry Bird' in the iphone. They can't stop playing them, including my 5 year old. Saw this cute Angry Bird Plush from here and decided to try to make some. It was a hit with my girl. 

For the fleece mentioned in the tutorial, I've used the fleece throw from Ikea. Recently I bought a lime green, cherry red, white and black fleece throws from Ikea, all the colours needed except for the orange fleece for the beak. No choice, went down to Spotlight to get 1/2 m of the yellow fleece. I think as long as the fabric is soft and stretchy, it should be fine if you can't find any fleece. Make sure that you read the instruction carefully as it says, stretch direction is from left to right. Didn't have the free motion foot so sew with regular sewing foot. Was tricky especially for the eye balls. Finally decided to hand stitch. Faster and more accurate!

Will also be making those green pigs too so that they can all have a good game of physical angry birds without breaking anything on the way.

I've also made some christmas cards for my friends. I caught this idea from the web where a mother send out a valentine day card with a lollipop stuck on it. I thought I could change the idea with a christmas twist. Have a early merry christmas everyone!

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Care said...

I love them! It's so fun to see a huge army of them together! :o)