Friday, December 24, 2010

Final batch of christmas sewing and I'm done

It's Christmas eve. The feeling this week was kind of relax in office with alot of colleagues on vacation leave, including my bosses. The week felt so peaceful and passed by so quickly.

This whole week I went out to buy my sewing supplies during lunch time. Stock up on my colourful 5" zippers for sewing of more purses, paint and plywood (yes, these will be the surprise for my girl's birthday bash which I'll share more after Christmas when I have time to take pictures), clips and D rings etc etc. I made a few felt hairclips using the tutorials from the blogland. It was fun to cut up the felt and design each one of the clips. My girl loved all of them and can't bear to give them away. I had planned to put them in the goodie bags for her birthday party. but,..we'll see.

Anyway, I was very satisfied and happy that I've managed to finish off some more sewings. These are for my family. Some bags and purses. Oh, the one in yellow is a small pouch with tissue paper compartment. I had one bought from store and it was really useful. I've used it to keep my small notes and coins for lunch and having the tissue with it was really handy. Will give the tutorial in next post with another of my car seat pad.

These are the make over from pot holders. Bought them from Spotlight and sewn the sides to make into a padded makeup bag. The longish one had a zipper. I especially like the pokka dots one.

This pink bag was a bias tape bag from Prudent Baby. I've used the exact measurement from the tutorial and it looks kinda small. Will be giving them to my mother in law as she asked for a small bag. The tutorial didn't include the snap to close the bag. Realised it too late and had to use the velcro tape instead. I intend to do another bigger one but this time, with a magnetic snap. This bag has some body as I did a medium interfacing with the linning so that it looks more solid and not flat. Just iron them onto the fabric before you sew them.


Care said...

Yay! You tried the pot holder makeup pouch! They are so fun and simple -- especially when you can find such CUTE pot holders! :o)

Eunice said...

Yes. I hope I cn do the quiet book that you did too but some little time, some many ideas!